Self-Tan ROUND UP & Review

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As promised, I am here with a HUGE Self-Tanner Review and Round-up! I wanted to bring all of mine together and give you all my thoughts. The Pros, The Cons and all inbetween! All pictures will be clickable so you can immediately shop the products if you are interested! Please let me know if you have any questions by hopping over on my IG and sending me a DM.

  1. Tan-Luxe The Butter. My MOST Used and Loved by far! (ITS ON SALE….I only buy it on sale!) This is a great gradual tan but also a moisturizer in one. I LOVE using this in the winter but I really do use it all year round. It says gradual but it does give good color pay off not as much as a true self-tanner but close. It also moisturizes the skin which most self-tanners dry my skin out pretty badly. I also love using this inbetween self-tanner when my self-tan has worn and become uneven. This by far is my favorite and most suggested self-tan product. I apply this with my hands (no mitt!) but make sure to wash hands immediately after use (nobody likes orange hands)

2. Tan-Luxe The Body. This is the most unique tanning product. There are definitely Pros & Cons to this one. Here are the Pros: The Body is completely customizable. You can really deepen it pretty dark or keep it really subtle and light depending on how many drops you use. I always combine this with a lotion. You can use a mitt or not with this (Make sure if you don’t use a mitt to wash your hands afterwards) the rest of the tanning products below require a mitt. Cons: It can get patchy. I find this one can get patchy if I don’t blend it well! Maybe its the lotion I am using with it but you definitely have to put extra effort into make this one blend out seamlessly. Also because you have to do the work of mixing it with lotion just seems like an extra step in the self-tanning routine. So I do like this one but again definitely a lot more work.

3. St. Tropez Ashley Graham Luxe Whipped Mousse. This one is a beautiful color. I LOVE the formula. It is a whipped creamy mousse…not watery like most. I find you do have to rub in quickly though as it dries down fast. I apply this one in sections. The color pay off is good but not DARK. If you are looking to be DARK the next one will be for you. If you are light to even medium skin tones, you will enjoy this one as it gives a really natural tan. I loved this one for the spring when I didn’t have much natural color. It also comes with a special mitt that I finds blends this self-tanner in SO WELL. No streaks, no patches…This one is probably the easiest to apply of all the mousses.

4. Loving Tan 2hr Express Tan in Dark. This one is the deepest darkest tan I have found out there. It is a mousse but it is watery compared to the others. I actually sit in this one for longer than 2 hours as well to get maximum color and then rinse off. I also find this one lasts really long without wearing badly! This one I mostly use in the summer months when I have color. I can’t really use this one the rest of the year but for summer its perfect! A con to the Loving Tan for me, its very drying to my skin. I have to make sure I moisturize WELL after rinsing it off.

5. Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self-Tan. This is also a mousse. I own the shade medium. I would say the color pay off is similar to St. Tropez. The color is a bit more reddish than olive compared to other self-tanners. I use this mostly in the spring as it is a lot lighter than the others. Coming out of the winter time this was a perfect color to put on my pale winter skin. SO if you are really fair I suggest this one. They even have a light color which would be a good option. This one of ALL the self-tanners is the LONGest lasting! I swear it doesn’t come off until like 2-3 weeks later. This one DOES have a self-tan smell though. So if you are not into sitting in self-tanners that smell…this one isn’t for you. The mousse is nice and blends nicely. I do find you have to be careful around ankles, knees, and feet though as well. Another con to this one is, its drying to my skin like the Loving Tan. So once I rinse it off, I make sure I moisturize well.

6. Vita Liberata Heavenly Exilir. I shared this one recently as a new product from Vita Liberata. The color payoff to me is the exact same as the pHenomenal mousse. This one is a tinted lotion. As you apply, you can see the color go on. I think this one blends a little easier than the mousse BUT you have to work fast as it dries down quickly. A huge Pro to this one is it is moisturizing to the skin and doesn’t dry my skin out. The smell is also less intense compared to the phenomenal. A con is I didn’t feel like this one lasted as long as the pHenomenal mousse did.

7. Vita Liberata Body Blur. I threw this one in here because well technically it tans you but this tan is a temporary tan. It gives you color for the evening as you apply and after you shower it rinses right off. IT IS perfect if you have an event or special occasion to attend where you have legs, arms, or shoulders exposed. This gives you a little color while also really evening out your skintone. Its almost like airbrush for your body! It works beautifully!

So I hope this huge round-up and review helped you picking out your self-tanning products! Or maybe you just wanted to hear my opinion! Thanks for stopping by!




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