5 Travel Essentials for Spring Break

Hey Everyone!

Now that I have traveled with my kids and been on spring break…because well its been about 9 maybe 10 years since I’ve been on vaca to the beach….I found things that I believe made my trip either easier better and just couldn’t have done without!

  1. Supergoop Glow screen and Sun Bum sunscreen. Going to a super sunny area when my body hasn’t seen the sun in months I knew I needed some good protection haha. These two were FANTASTIC! I also loved the Fresh Sport Lip Balm which I have loved for years and has SPF. BUT The Glow Screen and Sun Bum sunscreen I had never tried and took a chance on this trip….and well I found my favorites! The Glow Screen I will be wearing all summer long! It has an SPF of 40 but gives your skin this beautiful filtery glow. Ever so slightly evens out your skintone and just makes you look fab ALL while protecting your skin! Also never tried Sun Bum but decided to grab it this trip and well my husband and I LOVE IT. Its not that thick white paste of sunscreen but even spreads out like a lotion and doesnt leave that greasy white paste feeling. Its great! I highly suggest!!

2. Headsweats Visor. I actually saw this on @thebuyguide 2 days before we left and grabbed it on prime. IT WAS GREAT! IT has a soft stretchy band on the back but has a terry cloth material making it perfect for the pool! I was able to keep my face out of the sun and still splash around the pool with my kids! Click the picture to shop the item!

3. Clear Travel Pouches. Another Amazon find which you can click the picture to shop. I saw several people on stories chatting about how amazing these bags were but actually thought they were pointless. UNTIL I said meh Ill grab them and see what the fuss is about. WELL They came in handy! These are the medium size. I was able to fit so much inside. It was handy for TSA security check at the airport putting all my liquids in. It was also super useful for the pool to keep sunscreen and any essentials in. I now keep some in my bag because I love that they are clear and I can see whats inside them! Another great find…I don’t know why I doubted them so much!

4. Portable Charging Packs. Lifesavers to husband! We used these throughout the entire trip as my husbands phone battery was constantly draining! Its great to not have to be attached to the wall. These were great for our trip but they will be great even at home as well! Click the picture to shop!

5. Writing Tablets. This one is for the kids. So we’re mean parents and don’t give our kids screens. The main reason being my oldest gets sick when in motion and watching a screen …learned that lesson a couple times. BUT since my oldest can’t really watch a screen I thought this would be the best way to entertain on the plane….with a couple other activities they brought along…and snacks….lots of snacks. These writing tablets allow you to draw all over and erase the board with the click of the silver button at the bottom. They loved these and kept them entertained! Click the picture to shop!

Overall we had a great trip! I hope if you are about to travel any of these things might help your trip 🙂




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