Dime Beauty

Hey Everyone!

If you saw yesterday’s Favorites video, you know I have found some new skincare products I AM LOVINGGG. I have recently discovered Dime Beauty skincare. Dime Beauty is a sustainable beauty brand and also a clean brand. Their mission is clear and their products are amazing. They also don’t UP charge you because of their mission to be a sustainable clean brand…..which as a shopping customer I love.

I tried out the Hyper Glow Serum and the Hyaluronic Acid Serum. The Hyper Glow is a Vitamin C serums that helps to brighten the skin and provide antioxidants. The Hyaluronic Acid serum adds hydration and plumps the skin.

I AM BLOWN AWAY by these serums! They are so lightweight. The moment I put them on my skin for the first time it just sunk immediately into my skin feeling like nothing. It works just as good even better than brands I’ve spent way more money on.

A bonus is I have a Discount Code!!! You can use code ‘ABSOLUTELYAIRS20’ at checkout for 20% off!!


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