Workouts, Healthy Eats, Workout Gear, and Favorite Leggings

Hey Everyone!

Its safe to say fitness and exercise has pretty much been part of my life…my entire life. I LOVE working out and actually wish I had more time to get longer workouts in daily. I mean I did major in physical education so really to me there is nothing better than a good workout. Today I have LOTS to share! I am sharing a quick look at my workout routine, sharing some quick healthy eats I love, some workout gear I love, and to finish this very informative post with my FAVORITE leggings!! LETS GO!


As far as my workout routine, I get asked this question A LOT and ask to share what I do! You guys, I am boring. I don’t switch my routine up too often. I am a TYPE A and have a very scheduled out schedule. I like having a plan in front of me and go with it. Because I love planning it out, BBG is my favorite. I started the program after having my second and it changed my body and my life. Its perfect because its quick, not much equipment required and I can do it at home. So I stick to BBG  2-3 days a week depending on what I am feeling. On the days I do not do BBG, I run. I LOVE to run. BUT right now it is winter. My husband talked me into buying this super fancy elliptical so because the streets are covered in ice and it is SO cold I usually hop on the elliptical. I workout 6 days a week.


Some fitness goals I had last year weren’t achieved because of covid. I really wanted to run another half marathon and it looks like this year I might not get to either but the goal is to up my running distance if I can get an 8-10 miler in a couple times this summer I would be a happy girl 🙂

Lets Talk Good Eats. Daily Harvest has been a lifesaver as a busy mom! Daily Harvest has a ton of AMAZING food that fits right in your freezer with all vegan ingredients. I am not vegan but I know my body needs all the nutrition of fruits and veggies that Daily Harvest provides. Its delivered right to your doorstep and all of it is made quickly without much effort. I personally LOVE their smoothies. They also gave me a discount code! You can use code ‘ABSOLUTELYAIRS’ at checkout to get 10% off your purchase!


I have shared many times on IG my love for Fabletics and their workout gear. I HAVE BEEN LOVING this set!!

I also wanted to round up MY FAVORITE Leggings. I might share this in a seperate post as well because well I don’t workout in faux leather leggings. I had so many questions lately on my favorite leggings and which ones for what. So I am sharing my top 5 (ok 6) favorite pairs of leggings. They all serve different purposes but all get worn SO MUCH.



Thanks for coming by to the longer than normal post!




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