Home Declutter January & Target Home New Arrivals

Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to quickly chat about my Home Declutter process as well as share some new Home Arrivals from Target I am loving. I have been talking about decluttering quite a bit on my IG Stories and thought I would come on here a go a little further in depth in case this might help anyone else declutter their homes.

Every year I take the entire month of January to truly declutter and CLEAN my home. I go section by section, drawer by drawer, room by room to clean out everything. I give myself the entire month to do this. I do this by scheduling each day out to do a little bit. One day it might be the drawers in the bathroom, next day might be the kids closets. I don’t schedule an overwhelmingly amount otherwise I know it won’t actually happen. Small amounts each day makes it achievable and not something I dread. I highly suggest this if this is something you know you need to do. I love doing it in January because then it starts the year out fresh and clean…especially after coming out of the chaos of December. Also another tip when scheduling out your declutter plan, make sure to have some give in the schedule. I find having a flexible schedule assures that your entire house will get done. For example, I scheduled out 3 days for my closet and it really only took 1 day so I moved on to the bathrooms and now I have an extra 2 days in case I need to spend time somewhere else (eh em..like our basement storage eek…its real bad!!)

I hope this helps your decluttering process within your home! I also wanted to share some Target Home finds I am oogling over! I find while decluttering and the Christmas decor is away, I also want to redecorate and change things up. Target has some really cute finds right now!

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