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Hey Everyone!

So Today I thought I would share some favorites from the NSale…haha just kidding. BUT I have to say lots has sold out already…and honestly thats just not fun. SO I thought it would be fun to find some better items and options! I found some great stuff! IDENTICAL items elsewhere still in stock….even better priced….and also some alternatives to some items that have sold out.

First up, I loved this All Saints Wrap from the sale but it sold out before I could grab it…and it was pricey. Just my luck, Aerie came out with a couple new sweater wraps for only $45…and they are so soft! Also Aerie items always go on sale. I grabbed an XS/S


Next up, this Nike pullover has been really popular throughout the sale and the first day it sold out in this pretty oatmeal color. I actually purchased this BEFORE the sale from Dicks Sporting Goods! I grabbed a small…it comes in a ton of colors and its fully stocked there! NOW it is NOT on sale like it is at the Nordstrom Sale…BUT Dicks Sporting Goods alwayssss has coupons…which is what I used to purchase mine. SO make sure to check it out!

NSALE/Dicks Sporting Good

Next up the ever so famous Barefoot Dreams Blanket…yes I own it…and yes I love it. BUT it sold out during the sale already….and I found this adorable leopard blanket on Amazon for only $26 and has AMAZING reviews! SO I thought I would share it if you were looking for an affordable cozy blanket!


Another popular one that sold out quick was this Barefoot Dreams Leopard Cardigan. It is adorable BUT I recently grabbed this leopard cardigan from Abercrombie and Im LOVING IT. Yes it isn’t that squishy soft material like the Barefoot Dreams one, but I think I actually will get more wear out of this one than the Barefoot Dreams one. Also you can see the price is a little similar but Abercrombie is always running sales!


Every year I purchase this Living Proof Perfect Hair Day set with a jumbo size shampoo, conditioner and full size Dry Shampoo. WELL QVC actually sells the jumbo shampoo and conditioner at an even LOWER price than the sale price….NOW YES you do not get a full size dry shampoo…but you could buy one seperate and still be under the sale price OR if you just don’t need the dry shampoo this might be a better option!


Hope this was helpful and you don’t feel any FOMO from the NSale…because its just a sale..and theres always other things out there 😉




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