Bathroom Reno DIY Peel & Stick Tile

Hey Everyone!

Today I am sharing how I did our Peel & Stick Tile in my kids bathroom! I have been slowing re-doing their bathroom and trying to do so on a budget! This peel & stick tile is much more affordable option to spruce up a bathroom. Here are some things I learned.

What I Used:

Thin Set Mortar

Putty Knife

Sand Paper -Medium Grit

Utility Knife

Peel & Stick Tile (each box has 10 tiles. I ordered 5 boxes and have quite a few left over)

Silicone Caulk

I found on my phone a picture of the bathroom from when we bought the house as a true ‘BEFORE’ picture. We did paint their vanity in Benjamin Moore ‘Ozark Shadows’ and I also added THESE handles.


Onto to tile. So clearly I have a ceramic tile in their bathroom already. If you have vinyl already, you can skip the first step…some people also have skipped this step even if they have ceramic tile. I decided to go for the first step to float the floor. I took a thin set mortar and spread it in the grout lines as smoothly and evenly as possible to get a smooth surface. I waited about 24 hours before moving on to sanding. It suggests waiting 24-48 hours before sanding. I then sanded any grit smoothly down and then swept all dust and debris away. Actually I even used my Dyson so suck up any excess.

After sweeping extremely well, I started to lay the tiles out and plan where I would put them.

After I planned everything out, it was time to lay the tile down! You simply just peel and stick! Line up the tiles as well as you can. I found that these specific Floorpops did not line up perfectly and I was ok with that. I also suggest starting with getting all full tiles down first and the move on the ones that you need to cut.

Cutting the pieces was not easy. It took a lot of work to cut through the tiles as they are pretty thick…which is good but makes it a little harder to cut through. Definitely use a utility knife and you can also use scissors. Cutting the pieces around the toliet was definitely the most difficult. My mom came and helped me a little. We decided to actually trace onto paper sheet the shape and angle needed to then cut.

and TA DA. Finished! Once I was finished I decided to go around edges especially around the toliet and the tub with caulk. I suggest using 100% silicone in the bathroom because of water and moisture.

So that is how I tiled! It was definitely a lot of work but I am so happy how it turned out. BUT here are a couple of negatives after having them for a couple weeks. Cons: I DO see some edges peeling up. I ended up taking a little liquid nails and lifting the couple edges and pasting it down. I have not had any issues since. Another con is this is definitely something that isn’t permanent. I don’t think these tiles will last a lifetime but thats ok because I think this is something that is affordable and a facelift to something you maybe plan to invest in later. Another con is I have to say they are kind of slick!

That is just nit picking though otherwise I am SUPER happy with how everything turned out!!





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