New Year New Goals & Planning with STARTPlanner

Hey Everyone!

2020 WE ARE HERE! I am actually super pumped and motivated for 2020. I have GOALS too. I was super excited to have accomplish and exceed my goals for 2019. I had the best year and now I am even more excited and pumped for 2020.

In 2019, I started the year using the STARTPlanner. So I am super excied to kick of 2020 with it again! It is literally the planners of all planners! I can’t function now without! It has literally everything you need to organize your thoughts and your life! You can easily plan daily life, a month out, you can budget, prioritize your to-do list and goal plan. It even has a cleaning schedule in it…like AMEN!! As a mom, I have a million things going on in my head and it is so hard to think of and remember it all! With STARTPlanner, I can get the things I need to done and keep my life organized.

I can’t speak highly enough about it! Make sure to check out to get your START on 2020.

ALSO, I thought this post would be a great time to share some of my goals for 2020. I know resolutions sound daunting but I have some things I want to accomplish and I am so excited to get started on them:

  • Change up my workouts and get stronger!
  • Be More Present with my kids and husband. Setting time aside without a phone and unplug with them. More movie nights, date nights. all the above.
  • Become more organized in my blog/channel.
  • Create a cleaning schedule for my house.
  • Run A Half Marathon in the Fall

Told ya…Big Goals! 😉 I hope you all are having a great start to the New Year and CHEERS to 2020!




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