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Hey Everyone!

Today I thought I would share a couple recent finds for my home! I know, I usually don’t share too much home stuff because well I am not an expert interior design especially taking pictures of them. BUT I thought I would share a couple things that I grabbed recently. I feel like at the beginning of the year as I declutter, I find I need to refresh a couple spaces in our home.

First up I grabbed that little sign from Hobby Lobby. This is only the second thing I have hung on the wall in our bedroom! Our bedroom has had blank walls for about 3 years. I am happy I found a little place to hang something. Also I wanted to link this Clothing Rack I grabbed from Amazon.

After decluttering my kitchen, I realized I need a refresh on my kitchen towels! I recently grabbed these and have been loving them. Gray and white of course 🙂

A couple of weeks ago my husband was out of town and we had a different clock there. The clock fell at about 2:45am in the morning and scared the LIVING crap out of me hahaha. So I have been needing to replace it! I found this one at Target!!

I grabbed these florals to fill this vase I had sitting empty from Amazon. I actually had some from last year but decided to add another bunch. It comes in a set of 3 so I have 6 total and I love them because they are so full!

The first thing I hung in our bedroom are these picture frames! I need to put some actual pictures in them but ya know I got them up 🙂




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