3 Pairs Of Black Jeans For Fall

Hey Everyone!

So Today’s post is the post that I keep saying I need to get up haven’t haha. Apologies for my lack of promptness….BUT I really wanted to share some GREAT Black Jeans I recently purchased. I love wearing black jeans in the fall and winter and I do feel like its something my closet kind of lacked. So you know…I got 3 because…well I found 3 I love haha. I purchased 2 from Abercrombie and 1 from Everlane. I have to say all 3 pairs are on the affordable side! Are they $20? NO but they are NICE quality like a pair that would be $130 PLUS for under $100. SO here we go!

  1. Everlane The Cheeky Straight. I fell in love with these in all washes….even contemplating another wash. I LOVE the fit! It is the perfect straight jean that doesnt go too wide at the bottom and tapers nicely along the leg. They are a high rise as well. This particular pair is the black washed jean. They do have a solid black as well which could be great for a more dressed up look but I loved the washed black as it gives a more casual vibe. For sizing, I sized down in these to a 25 and got the Ankle length (I’m 5’2) and they are absolutely perfect!!!

2. Abercrombie High Rise Ankle Skinny. SO these next two pairs are actually the same fit just different washes. The first wash is another washed black. These are slightly more washed than the Everlane ones but at the bottom it has a chewed hem on the side of the ankle. I love the detail at the bottom and think they are super flattering. They have a lot of stretch to them as well and just a super comfortable denim. I got my normal 26 Short in these.

3. Abercrombie High Rise Ankle Skinny. Same fit as the last pair but these are a solid black pair without the washed out look. These have a raw ankle that is pretty frayed which I think is a super cute detail. You could also wear these with high over the knee boots as well and you would never know the distressing at the bottom. I went with my normal size 26 Short.

So are we ready for fall fashion!? I am. I love fall. I am trying to soak in these last days of summer though and embrace the shorts and tanks that will put away for a lot of months…..but it is still fun preparing for the cooler months ahead with my wardrobe 🙂

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!




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