5 Beauty Products Im Loving This Summer

Hey Everyone!

Today I thought it would be fun to share 5 products I am loving for summer!! Ive been using each of these things a ton lately and not necessarily would you need to restrict them to just the summer time either! I just have been loving!

  1. Coola Sunless Tan Face Serum. I have shared my love for this before. This is actually the ONLY self-tanner that will ever hit my face. Its very subtle and gradual. It leaves a nice color that isn’t orangey or intense. It can be used daily but I actually just use it once or twice a week. I use it before my moisturizer and use only about 1-2 pumps to cover and entire face and neck. Its really awesome! If you are like me and just can’t do your regular self-tanner on your face…try this!

2. Bobbi Brown Beach. AH this is just a nostalgic scent for me. It smells like summer…or like straight up coopertone sunscreen. I grabbed it again for this summer and I am so glad I did!

3. Fresh Sugar Sport. This is a treatment sunscreen stick with SPF 30 for the lips, face and eye area. I usually just use it as a lipbalm. I AM OBSESSED with this stuff haha. I think this is my second or third stick I have used in the last couple years. I love that it has a higher SPF…most lip balms are like 15 and under. My lips are SO fragile and desperately need to be protected by the sun. This stuff is perfect and I love the size of the stick. It is great for the face and eye area as well….but as a lip balm this is perfect. It has a permanent spot in my daily bag.

4. Lancome Skin Feels Good. I went back to this tinted moisturizer this year. I used it last year as well and I really love it. I love a light skint tint for summer. I hate when its 90 degrees and I have some thick foundation on my face while Im sweating to death. It just feels gross. This is super lightweight adds a little bit of coverage. It also has an SPF of 23 and it just gives me a healthy glow. Its the perfect summer “foundation” if you want to call it that.

5. Tula Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm. I kept hearing every blogger and their mother talk about this product. I was annoyed so I resisted but I do LOVE Tula products so I had to give it a try. YOU GUYS I Hate to be another blogger talking about it but ITS SO GOOD! I use it every morning. I actually shared in a morning routine that I use the Tula Revitalizing Eye Cream and then top the GLow & Get It over it. It is instantly brightening and cooling just as it says. It truly wakes up my undereyes. For me I will say it doesn’t hydrate, hence I have to use an eye cream under it but it instantly depuffs and gives a brightened look to the under eye making me looked refreshed and awake. I can’t say enough about this little guy! Its a gem…and definitely not just a summer product!

I hope you guys enjoyed these quick little beauty reviews on some of my faves! Id love to know what you guys are loving this summer!!




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