Self Tanning Routine

Hey Everyone!

Today I thought I would share my self-tanning routine! I definitely have a routine down now and I have been really loving it! I was not the best self-tanner and I am still not PERFECT at it but I have got a lot better and I am loving the products I have been using!

Tan Luxe The Gradual: I have been using this the longest. Its a gradual tanning lotion. The lotion is very thin and liquidy. Also don’t be fooled, this has some color to it! I literally slap it on like a lotion but I do make sure to wash my hands afterward.

Tan Luxe The Body: These are self tanning drops. I was very unsure about how these work but I found the perfect way! So I use this maybe once a week or every other week. I mix these drops in with my regular Jergens lotion on a tanning mitt. The great thing about these drops is you can use more or less drops to become more dark or less dark. I think this product is great for a full tan or just a touch up. I will say make sure to exfoliate before using!

Loving Tan: This is the 2 hour in the Dark. I first used this as the instructions say and left it on for 2 hours and rinsed. Unforunately it just rinsed right off and left NO tan. So I actually used this the regular self-tan mousse way. I applied after exfoliating at night and slept it in and rinsed it in the morning. This gives me a GREAT dark tan!! I absolutely LOVE it this way! The color on this self-tan is really beautiful! Again make sure to exfoliate beforehand.

Coola Gradual Face Tan: This is the ONLY tanner I use on my face. Its subtle and gives the right amount of color!

I usually self-tan with the Loving Tan on Fridays so I can be fresh and tan for the weekends. I use the Gradual lotion maybe every other day. If necessary, I use the Body tanning drops mid-week to upkeep my tan.

So that is all the self-tanning info I have! I hope you all enjoy! Let me know you self-tanning tricks and tip and fave products!




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