Review of the Nuwave Bravo XL ~ A Perfect Gift & Discount Code!!

Hey Everyone!!

As you all know I have been sharing some What I Eat In A Day videos on my channel (which are all listed below) and I have been sharing how we make amazing delicious food in the Nuwave! If you haven’t heard from the amazing info-mercials that totally convinced me….the Nuwave is the DO IT ALL smart oven. The Nuwave Bravo XL has made prepping food for my family so much EASIER especially for this girl who absolutely hates to cook!

First, I wanted to share what the Nuwave does! It is the smartest oven you will meet. It has 12 preset programs, an easy to use temperature control and timer, an awesome LED display screen, and a cool to touch handle. We personally love using the air-fry and the bake setting. These instantly get to the temperature you need to cook your meals without the pre-heat time. It has cut my dinner making time in half! It also comes with an air-fry basket, a drip/crumb pan, and a non-stick bake sheet that easily slide right into the oven.

I have shared a couple recipes within my What I Eat In A Day videos but I also wanted to share a quick video on how I make a very popular food these days. The rage is real with the Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi…so much so that our store told us last week that had been sold out nationally and just restocked!! Well I found the food to be delicious but also difficult to make without getting the gnocchis really gooshy and mooshy! I found the perfect way to make the Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi with the Nuwave!!! Check out my video below on how to make them 🙂

I also wanted to share WHAT A PERFECT GIFT!….Father’s Day is coming close and we all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! The Nuwave Bravo XL would be the perfect Father’s Day gift! BETTER YET….I have a 15% off Discount FOR YOU!!!….CLICK HERE To get your Nuwave Bravo XL for 15% oFF!….You’re Welcome 😉




I hope you all enjoyed the review and dinner ideas with the Nuwave! Definitely let me know if you grab the Nuwave yourself…It makes life so much simpler! 🙂




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