One Year Of BBG

Hey Everyone!

So I can’t believe I have just completed one year of BBG. I had a couple weeks in there (about 3) where I didn’t do BBG due to sickness in our house and holiday where we were traveling BUT otherwise I went straight through for a year! I am super proud to stick with something…although I am pretty good at sticking to workout regimens. I get a little obsessive when it comes to working out and I will get in my workout no matter what.

Before I had Eli, I was into running. I ran everyday about 5-8 miles a day.  I loved it and lived for running. I continued running but not as intensely after having Eli. When I got pregnant with Rory I was actually at my thinnest I had ever been…..and then I went from the thinnest to the heaviest. Rory’s pregnancy really did a number to my bod. It was a really stressful time having Rory as well as I was working right after I had her and her recovery for me was a lot harder than Eli. I felt like complete jello and a big blob. I knew I had to change things so insert BBG. I started BBG about 3-4 months postpartum with Ro. IT WAS HARD and I was pretty much sore every single day the entire first three months of BBG. Now BBG is still hard but I know the exercises and my body is used to the circuits and the way BBG is structured.

With that being said, I definitely feel my body has plateaued a little. I feel like this last round has pretty much been maintanence to my body rather than building more muscle. I know I can change that by either stepping it up to BBG 2.0 or upping my weights in BBG 1.0. BUT I REALLY miss running. I feel like my body has built that muscle back up so now I want to lean everything out. I want long runs and alot of them!….This also probably has to do with being cooped up all winter.

So whats next? Well I have decided to incorporate BBG into a running schedule! As the weather has been starting to break, I have been running outside. I plan to run outside 3-4 times a week and do BBG 2 days a week. I will follow the BBG schedule….it will just take longer because I am only doing 2 resistance workouts a week instead of 3.  My body has been used to doing 6 days of working out a week and I am also thinking if I do 5 days…that wouldn’t be horrible. As the weather warms up even more, I would really love to start training for a half. Since I feel stronger and that my body has more muscle again, I think I could easily train for a half! I have already run a couple half marathons so I am excited for the possibility of another race.

Well thats it for now! If you have any questions feel free to ask or DM on me IG!!




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