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Hey Everyone!
I know I have abandoned my blog a little bit lately…but I haven’t been totally MIA. I have been putting a lot more into my Youtube channel lately again. I have really been enjoying Youtube and kind of changing up my content there. In the old days I shared pretty much only beauty and a couple fashion hauls. I have recently been focusing more on fashion and try-ons for you all. I LOVE watching these as well so it just fits naturally to be doing my content on my Youtube that maybe I normally do on here or even on Instagram. Instagram I won’t even get into because it just frustrates me and every blogger.

Anyways, I wanted to update you here on my recent Youtube Videos. I also want to plan to add some more specific retailer product picks and recommendations. The tabs on top will have a lot more information and product picks…sales and more for you to easily access!…

SO if you have missed any of my latest videos here they are!


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