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Hey Everyone!!

Happy Friday! I know I rarely post on Fridays but I have been a little quiet on social media lately. For lots of reasons I don’t really want to get into right now but I HAVE NOT done a product review on my blog in what feels like forever. I miss reviewing products on here. I miss using this platform as a main source….I miss a lot of things about the old uses of social media but again lets not get into that. ANYWAYS, today I wanted to share some AWESOME new skincare products I have been trying out for about the past month!!!! They have some great pros and a couple cons….overall definitely worth mentioning in a full blog post!

First lets talk about Thalgo Skincare. This is a new skincare brand to me. I have never tried anything and was able to get my hands on 3 products. You can purchase Thalgo at Nordstrom or online through their site. I tried out their Cleansing Milk, the Reviving Marine Mist, and their Hydra Marine 24-HR Eye Fluid. So the first product I used was the Reviving Marine Mist….and OMG lets talk about the best mist ever. It is the finest mist I have ever had that evenly spreads onto your face. Every mist spray I have had always sprays too hard and goes everywhere. This is THE BEST!! I actually have used it throughout the day on makeup-free days but I have also used it before I apply all my skincare and both ways….its amazing. HIGHLY recommend!

Next I tried out the Cleansing Milk. The first time I used this product…I used it completely wrong and did not care for it. I used it without water and just rubbed it on my face. It did not remove any makeup at all for me. Next time I used some water and it worked much better. I will say there were still traces of makeup on my face. For me this was a much better product as just a cleanser for my skin. It left my skin feeling very soft and cleansed.

Lastly, I tried out the Marine Eye Fluid…and THIS product is my favorite! It is a really thin eye cream that is almost serum-like. Despite being very thin, it was very very hydrating! I first used it at night and then loving it so much I had to try it in the day time underneath makeup! It worked AMAZING underneath makeup! I almost prefer it in the daytime.

Overall I would describe the brand as very luxurious. I will say the products have a fragrance to them. Not too strong but definitely noticeable. If you are sensitive to fragrance, I wouldn’t suggest these products to you.

Next I tried some new products from Dermalogica! You guys know I love the brand and there are some great skincare products they have…my favorite being their stress positive eye cream…which I still use every single morning! They came out with some new moisturizing products and YOU KNOW I had to try them due to the fact that this winter has been harsh on my skin. I have been SO DRY with our crazy polar vortex weather. These products…ARE HYDRATING. The Intensive Moisture Balance moisturizer is very intense! I actually can only use it once or twice a week and I only use it at night. Its extremely hydrating but again its almost too hydrating so I save it when I am really dry. The same actually goes for the cleanser as well. The Intensive Moisture Cleanser is very intensely hydrating for a cleanser. I actually used it every morning and night but then realized it was too much for my skin. I now use it every other day morning and night. It definitely helps keep moisture in my skin! I would say these products are for EXTREME dry skin only and I prefer them only for winter use.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading! Let me know if you try any of these products!




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