Things I Own Multiple Of

Hey Everyone!!

So I was realizing when I did my How To Style Joggers video (which if you missed it check it out HERE), that I own MULTIPLE of these joggers. To be honest, I don’t own multiple of many things. When I find something I TRULY love though, I definitely will buy more than one color. SO today I thought I would share with you the items in my closet I own multiple of!!

1. High-Waisted Zella Live In Leggings. I can’t believe I don’t own more. I am in love with these and wear them ALL THE TIME. I wear them to workout, just around the house and even dressed up. I am obsessed with these and they are just the BEST!

2. Old Navy Puffer Vest. Yes. I own four. This is excessive but I absolutely love this vest!! The one on the farthest right is my oldest vest…it use to have buttons. The two on the left are my newest additions. These are just such a great throw on and add so much to an outfit.

3. Urban Outfitters Button-Up Thermal. These are SUPER popular and with good reason. They are such a great staple in any closet. They are great to layer with but also great on its own. They can be tied up or left buttoned down. Its just a great basic!

4. Aerie Sweater. This sweater is this years MUST HAVE for me! I am obsessed and actually surprised I don’t own every color but I wear these ALL THE TIME. At least once a week I am throwing on this sweater.

5. Madewell T-shirt. These tees are also super popular but these are awesome and affordable! I def am planning on picking up a couple other colors this spring and summer!

6. Aerie Jogger. I did a WHOLE video on how to style these! I LOVE these joggers! They are super soft and comfortable and necessary to own in many colors…you just can’t have one!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post! Let me know what you would like to see next! Thanks so much for stopping by!





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