Happy New Year! 2018 Goals Accomplished and 2019 Goals/What To Expect From AbsolutelyAirs


I can’t believe we are in the new year and let me tell you after a rough December and a crazy busy 2018 in general…I am so excited for 2019 and have NO IDEA what to expect!! Today I thought I would share with you some of the goals I accomplished and how I accomplished them in 2018 and some goals I have for 2019. I also thought it would be fun to give you an inside peek into what to expect from AbsolutelyAirs for 2019!…no big changes but some things I am super excited about 🙂

2018 was the year of adjusting and settling to a new life. A new life as a Stay At Home mom, a new life with 2 kids, a new life growing my business here with AbsolutelyAirs and really diving into making it a “business”. I didn’t really think I would ever want my blog to be something of a business but I just really love doing all of this!! The biggest goal of 2018 I made was my health and fitness routine. I was pregnant pretty much all of 2017 and my body took a huge toll with my second baby girl. So I knew going into January 2018 I wanted to make MAJOR changes for my health. Knowing that Rory was my last baby, I wanted to make realistic changes that would last for years to come.

The first big change I made was very simple but difficult for me was drinking more water. To give into my water intake challenge, I bought myself a big pink cute cup that was 30z and challenged myself to drink 4 of them a day (mind you I was breastfeeding as well). I am happy to say that pink cup is still around and I drink about 3 of them a day!!! I stuck with it the entire year drinking 3-4 of 30z cups a day!!! I have to say I feel AMAZING getting that much water and I can IMMEDIATELY tell when I don’t (yes there have been days where the day goes by and I have only drank 1 or 2 YIKES). I can tell with my energy, I can tell through my skin, and I can just tell my body is craving more water. SO its a small health change…but I did it and glad to bring my new habit into 2019!

Also with my health, I challenged myself into a fitness program called BBG. I am actually on my last round to hit a year of BBG! I can’t tell you HOW MUCH my body has LOVED this program. Being postpartum my body was just not good. It was NOT THE SAME and it was difficult for me. I have suffered from self-comparison and body-image issues since my young teenage years (that’s another long story that maybe I can share…I am very private with my sufferings but I would share it would help anyone else out there). Anyways after Rory clearly the number on the scale was not what I liked but also I just felt like jelly. Being an athlete my whole life and after two kids, I was jiggling in places I didn’t want to. BBG completely transformed me!!! I feel so strong, fit and happy! The number on the scale did also go significantly down but I more am happy with how I feel!! I can lift my kids and run and play and…well it doesn’t hurt haha! BTW don’t judge the background of this picture…This was actually taken this morning and I am in the mist of some major laundry and cleaning after December!

I also wanted to mention that I also hit a huge accomplishment of hitting 10k on Youtube as well as 14K on IG! It may be small to some but its huge for me!!! I have been doing this for 6 almost 7 years!! AHH! Thank YOU!

As far as 2019….I have some big goals and small ones. A small one I would like to incorporate is Retinol in my skincare routine. I have really got my skincare routine down but I am ready to up it and add some of retinol especially since I am now in my 30s. I have a lot of major things I want to accomplish but I also have to be realistic…like I did with my health and fitness. First, I would REALLY love to do a couple of renovations to our home. There are a couple small projects and a couple major projects I would really love to tackle this year!!! Next is Absolutely Airs. I truly want to grow this year. I want to expand my Youtube channel….but digging deeper. I want to share more!!!! I have so much to share and I always hold myself back from so many things….thinking who the heck cares about this. BUT I love sharing!! It’s so much fun to me! Whether its sharing more about what I am eating, how my fitness journey is going, to sharing more sales and favorite beauty products! I just want to share more…sooo….

What Can You Expect from 2019?

Well you can expect to see more of me on Stories over on Instagram. I want to do even more try-ons, more styling videos, more beauty product reviews. Of course I will be on Youtube with the majority of my content but always expect me on IG and Here on the blog!! I like having my IG and Blog as resources!

Also in January here I will be doing some MAJOR decluttering! I am actually utilizing Lynzy&Co’s 30-Day Decluttering Series. HERE IS HER BLOG POST on a full 30-day decluttering series she did! I was SO obsessed with the list that I wanted to take the challenge. I am naturally a great declutterer haha I really love purging all my things. Its weird I know. But I love this list to keep me organized…..for I am the type to start one thing and find another and then I am all the sudden decluttering 20 things at once. I need to take my time and do things one day at a time.

SO CHEERS to 2019!!! Share with me YOUR GOALS! I would love to hear them and accomplish them together!! 🙂

Thanks so much as always for reading and following…liking…commenting…everything! I truly appreciate every single one of you!




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