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Hey Everyone!

So I actually sat down to right up a Currently Craving…and for some reason it didn’t seem natural. To be honest, I haven’t really been clothing shopping much and to share clothing didn’t feel right to me. What my focus has been on lately is my home! Most of you know that I have been on a declutter my own journey where I am decluttering one thing every day! It has been soooo cleansing and I already feel lighter and less chaotic in my mind.

Throughout my decluttering process I have truly realized the need for good organization! So today I have some great organization items that I love using throughout my home! I believe in organizing in a pretty yet functional way! I also like to keep my organizational items on the affordable side and not break the bank. 

First, I absolutely LOVE getting pretty baskets to store toys! Toys are the HARDEST thing to store especially with younger kids. They don’t know how to keep things separate so it has been super hard to keep things organized. I keep some pretty baskets to just throw everything in at the end of the day!

Also to store toys, we use these cube storage organizers. I needed some serious organization for certain toys especially are smaller toys (like Eli’s massive collection of train and tracks). These are great and functional for my kids. They can just pull the basket of toys they want to play with out and we can put it right back when we are done! Doesn’t hurt as well that it holds our tv too!

Next, I shared this last year but my everyday makeup organization has made my makeup life so much easier! I put all the makeup that I grab every single day in here. I rotate products in and out of here but having them in one spot has made using my products a lot easier! I also love that it is clear so I can see what is in there easily. Stay tuned because tomorrow I will be sharing an updated what’s in my everyday makeup drawers!!

What are organizational items you love!? Thanks so much for stopping by!






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