Declutter With Me! Tips & Tricks On Decluttering!

Hey Everyone!! Super excited for today’s video! I am decluttering OUT my makeup!! Ahh It feels so good to declutter! It’s amazing how much you can get rid of when you take the time to go through each drawer!! Not only did I want to share my video today but I wanted to give you all tips on decluttering. These are my tips and tricks I use when I declutter ANYTHING in my home. There are so many great tips out there but these are mine and the process I go through when I declutter my home. I also used it my CLOSET CLEANOUT Video (LINKED HERE)


So here are my TOP TIPS for Decluttering:

  1. Set The Mood. Being in the right mindset to declutter is key. Usually the beginning of the year sparks a fresh start which can be great. Also when you start decluttering..make it fun and enjoyable. Throw on some Netflix or your favorite Spotify list…grab a giant coffee…whatever it is that can make the experience of decluttering enjoyable!
  2. Then Ask the basics…Do I want to keep this? Does this bring joy?
  3. Then Ask Does this serve purpose?
  4. Would You Repurchase this item if it was in a store right now?
  5. Seperate things into piles: NO….YES….MAYBE….DONATE



Good Luck with your decluttering! I am so excited for a new year and fresh start!!!





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