The Ultimate Spanx Leggings Guide

Hey Everyone!!
OK, I AM SO excited for this post! Today I am sharing my guide to Spanx Leggings. I own now 4 pairs…I KNOW and want to share the differences the similarities….are they worth it? All the deets so you can find your perfect pair. First, I know they are sort of an investment legging but I have to say…they are worth it and you get will get your money’s worth out of them!

Make sure to check out my IG Stories for a full look at each of the leggings and a more detailed look!

  1. Look At Me Now Seamless Leggings in Black. This pair is the most basic pair you can have. I got this one in small. I think they fit TTS for a snug fit (not uncomfortable just snug). They have a minimal ribbed knit texture to them and are very thick. Definitely not a see-through pair of leggings. As much as I think these are amazing and suck you in….they are very basic and I feel there are many other leggings out there that can do the same thing. I will say they are REALLY nice and you would get great wear out of them. You can wear these for everyday, dressed up, or even to workout! Do I love them yes? But in my opinion they are just not unique.

2. Faux Leather Leggings. I have owned these for over a year. I freaking love them. These have a different material to them than the Look At Me Now leggings. The have more of a sleek spandexy feel. If you want leggings, that smooth and suck you in …these are for you! I will say these are not really to workout in. These are more everyday or dressed up leggings…but still you would get a ton of wear out of them. Out of the 4 pairs…these are my favorite. Some people have said the sheen of the “faux leather” look has worn with wash but I have found they have stayed in great shape. I purchased these over a year ago for postpartum so I did go with a medium for these. They still fit and really both work just not as snug and sucking in as the small.

3. Look At Me Now Camo Leggings in Black Camo. I have been wanting some camo leggings for awhile but I wanted one that has a good camo print to it. Some look really cheesy or cheap…these are a great camo print. They also come in a more sage green all over camo print but I actually prefer the black camo because it still does have some olive tones in it! I absolutely love these! They have the same texture as the first black basic leggings I shared with the ribbed knit material. I also got a small for these. I love the print so much that I think these are a keeper for me! I will totally workout in these and wear them out and about!

4. Faux Leather Camo Leggings. SO THESE are like a combo of the last two haha. They have the exact same fit and material as the Faux Leather leggings but the camo print on them has a sheen like the faux leather and then just straight spandexy black. I love them!!! Unlike the last camo pair, these are just black in color without any olive tones or any other color. I love how these fit and they fit identical to the faux leather. Again just like the faux leather ones, I wouldn’t necessarily workout in them. They would just be for everyday wear or even dressing up. These also are super smoothing and sucking in…they make your booty look reallll good haha 🙂

I hope this helped as I loved trying all these Spanx leggings out! They really have great leggings. I really want to try the velvet ones and even the moto ones!! Definitely an investment but they are AWESOME!





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