MintPear~ A Safer Option For Beauty

Hey Everyone!!
Today I am so excited to share with you about a new skincare beauty company I have discovered called MintPear! The beauty industry has made a huge movement on making products safer and for consumer to become more aware of the ingredients going onto your skin! MintPear has clincally proven, cruelty-free skincare that offers all-natural and organic ingredients that is free of sulfates, parabens, fragrance, dyes, and harsh chemicals. They are also based out of the USA!

I had the opportunity to try out some great products that have truly a permanent place in my very picky skincare routine! I have been using the MintPear C Your Youth Vitamin C Serum and also the Collagen Serum Regenerate & Restore! Not only do create some amazing skincare products but I also had the chance to try out a couple of makeup brushes!

If you have been following me you know I have been looking for a great Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is really important ingredient to have in your skincare routine! Vitamin C helps with sun damage, dark spots, acne scarring,and hyper-pigmentation (and so much more!) I have to say I have truly fallen in love with this serum. I mainly use this in the morning as a first step to my skincare routine. It has a silicone texture to it but glides onto the skin very smoothly. It immediately sinks in and I love topping it with my favorite moisturizer. I really believe it helps brighten my skin! You all know I have been using Drunk Elephants serum but I think MintPear is a great affordable alternative!!

Next I have also been using the Collagen Serum which is TRULY amazing! If you want all the anti-aging goodness, look no further! This is a little thinner serum to the Vitamin C one but also sinks into the skin very well. I use this at night after using a toner but before my night-time moisturizer. Again an amazing affordable option for such high quality skincare!!

Besides truly working on your skin, I have found one of my favorite parts of the two serums is that there is NO FRAGRANCE! I have a really hard time with heavily fragranced products. Only a certain few fragranced products work for my skin….but this has absolutely no fragrance and I truly appreciate that for a girl who has sensitive skin!

Let’s quickly touch on the makeup brushes but you know me and my MAKEUP…I AM SO SO SO (sorry I am really excited) IMPRESSED! These have a nice heavy weight to them and feel great using them. I actually have the trio which comes with a large powder brush, a precision highlight, and a large duo fiber stippling brush. These are beautiful brushes that apply makeup perfectly….but seriously I am impressed!

Make sure to check out MintPear for safe skincare options! I believe safe beauty is for everyone and this one is one to checkout!




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