Battle Of The Red Sweaters!

Hey Everyone!

SO excited to share this post! As I have been sharing the process a ton on IG Stories…I have been on the hunt for the PERFECT red sweater for the season! Let’s just start with I don’t wear red. The only things red I own is a couple of flannel shirts and some festive holiday jammies and socks haha thats it! So I wanted to find the perfect red sweater as this time of year brings about amazing red sweaters out there.

Today I am sharing 3 of my TOP red sweaters I purchased. I will probably only keep one but I wanted to break it down for you with style, fit and price 🙂 I hope you all enjoy…another installment of Battle Of The “Red Sweater”.

  1. Madewell. This one was the first one I grabbed! I couldn’t resist the fit and the sleeves and the cable-goodness…sorry thats not a word but I just loved this sweater. I went with a XS but I think I could have easily done a small in this one as well. This one has a slight itch to it. Nothing horrible but just means it has a little wool. Sometimes I am ok with just a little itch that I can tolerate because then I know the quality is good. The quality is great on this one! The fit however is more cropped therefore you would have to wear high-waisted jeans. To me this isn’t a classic red sweater. When I think classic Holiday Red sweater…this one doesn’t quite come to mind. It is BEAUTIFUL and also comes in a cream. I actually think I would love the cream one.

2. J.Crew. This one is CLASSIC. The fit, the cable knit, the color. Its really a sweater you will have for years. It does have a tiny itch but nothing that you would notice unless your hyper sensitive to itch. I actually bought both the small and medium. The small worked well if you wanted a true fitted sweater but if you wanted something a bit oversized the medium worked perfectly for that. It is thick and warm. I truly think you would pull this out season after season and love it.

3.Aerie. The most affordable of the bunch. I absolutely love this one as well! I went with a XS. I think it runs very oversized so definitely size down! It has a boxy fit to it. The color is really great as well. It is thick and warm and has no itch whatsoever. It has more of a cotton feel to it. Its a great sweater especially for the price!!


Overall I think all three are great red sweaters! As for me…I actually kept the Aerie one…BUT I ordered the J.Crew sweater in cream because well I wanted a super classic sweater and that was it!! I hope you had fun reading this post!








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