Gift Guide: Holiday PJ’s For The Whole Family

Hi Everyone!!

Ah what a crazy time it has been! We have all been sick over here in our house…you know its that time of year! I wanted to share with you all some great holiday pajamas! Mostly because when you are sick…holiday jammies just make life happier haha BUT also because I thought it would be fun to share one our family traditions!

When Jude and I had Eli, we decided that every Christmas Eve we would gift our whole family new holiday pajamas to wear for Christmas Morning! We have held on to this tradition year after year and I find it SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely love picking out jammies for the kids that will be special and new the morning of Christmas. I of course grab other holiday jammies so they can wear through the season but it is just a little something special for the morning of Christmas.

So here are some ideas for some great festive jammies for the WHOLE family! I found so many great kid ones…I kind of want them all for my babies! 🙂




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