5 Things To Buy During Black Friday

Well Its finally here…we have Black Friday approaching and MOST sales have already started!!!

Today I wanted to share with you 5 things to buy during these events….It can be easy to get carried away with all the sales. Keep your cool. I know…ITS HARD!!! BUT I will say…I fully approach Black Friday in preparation of knowing what I need. I will grab a couple things that I might not need but mostly I will purchase my planned out items. None of the things I will mention are necessarily ground-breaking that you haven’t seen before but you will find great deals and these are some things to think about as we approach the sales!


  1. Rugs. I LOVE getting rugs especially from Rugs USA. They do amazing deals during this time. I actually already purchased a rug that I found over a month ago yesterday because they are offering 60% off! Its crazy! Highly suggest if you are in need of a rug to pull the trigger!
  2. Large appliances. Homeowners out there…this is a great time to get those appliances that might be on the fritz. I have actually been waiting for Black Friday to purchase a dishwasher. Our dishwasher has been on the rocks since August and I CAN NOT WAIT to get a new one! We have been researching dishwashers…I think we are going to purchase one from Sears. They seem to have the best deals with large appliances.
  3. Baby Gear. Pregnant? Are you a mom?…Time to grab baby gear! We personally are grabbing a new car seat for Rory. She hasn’t quite grown out of her current car seat but she is close! This is a great time to grab strollers, car seats and more!
  4. Dyson Vacuum. This vacuum is MY FAVORITE vacuum ever! They have been popping up on sale all over!!! This vacuum is a game changer and If mine ever dies…you better believe I will purchase another!
  5. Clothes…DUH. My biggest tip is have your carts ready for this! Find your favorite retailers…get your carts ready with everything you are thinking of purchasing so you can purchase asap. Things will start to go fast! The sales are already starting! Make sure to check out my Holiday tab for my favorite retailers!


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