Trending: Leopard For Fall ~ What’s Classic and What’s Not!


Hey Everyone!!

So today we are talking all about LEOPARD! So I’ve seen a huge spike in the leopard trend this fall and I really love leopard. I have to say I am extremely picky about my leopard though. Where I put it, How I use it….Because to me leopard isn’t a trend it is a classic! I have pieces in my closet that are leopard that I have had for years!!! Leopard comes and goes but it will never really go away.

SO here are my tips adding leopard into your wardrobe:
1. This is my NUMBER ONE tip. The print is KEY! You have to look for a good quality leopard print. Some can be cheesy…cheap looking…and kind of ugly. Find a leopard print that has a neutral tone. I also say calf hair pieces are the way to go…especially in bags, shoes, and even jewelry. I also like my leopard a little understated and a larger print. The small printed leopard can tend to be a little cheap looking…sometimes. Again leopard can be tricky!


2. Accessories are key. Find quality accessories from a bag, shoes, scarves, hair pieces, even jewelry. Find the one and wear it! I have a leopard calf-hair belt from Loft (EXACT SAME HERE!) that I will never get rid of. Its classic to me and it adds a little pop to any outfit. I also have a leopard scarf that I will never get rid of because the print is the perfect neutral leopard (again print is key!) Anyone remember the famous J.Crew calf-hair leopard bangle? Oh ya I still have mine and I will never get rid of it…I think they might even bring it back! I recently purchased these booties HERE and I think they will be in my closet forever.



3. If you’re going to go bold…go quality. If you are a leopard lover and want a good statement piece aka a piece of clothing like a jacket, top, skirt, pants, anything….go quality. Invest in a quality piece. Again the print is more likely to be less cheesy AND Leopard is the type of print that will come back season after season. I say invest in that piece. J.Crew right now has some amazing investment pieces that I think can stand the test of time and be in your closet forever.



What pieces are you looking for in leopard print this fall!? Let me know!
Thanks for reading!





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