Italeau Water Challenge!

Hey Everyone!!

Today I am partnering up with Italeau. I have to start by saying, these booties are ones I will have a lifetime! They are so amazingly well made, so incredibly comfortable and I again these will be a classic shoe that will last me in my closet. The best part about Italeau booties is that they are WATERPROOF. Can this Chicago girl get an AMEN!? I mean fall and winter can be raining, snowing, sleeting and all the above. To have a great bootie that can withstand the Chicago weather is a great investment!

Italeau is also is partnership with Italeau is currently launching a Give Water Challenge. Italeau will donate a month and UP TO A YEAR of free water to a person in need. SO I would LOVE to see you on Instagram! Post a picture of you in the rain, jumping in a puddle, tag 3 friends, and use @italeau, @water, #givewaterchallenge, & #italeau. IF YOU purchase a pair of Italeau boots, Italeau will donate a YEAR of free water to a person in need! Please participate and help Give Water to those in need!



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