Battle Of The Leopard Sweaters ~ How I Style The Leopard Sweater

Ok can we think of a dorkier way to begin this post than with this picture above!? I think NOT haha BUT trending right now is leopard and leopard sweaters are everywhere. I have to say they have caught my eye so I had to grab a few and compare for you all! So in today’s post I will be sharing 3 leopard sweaters I have purchased lately and compare them. I will also be styling my FAVORITE one below for you 3 ways so you can see the versatility of such a statement sweater!


  1. J.Crew Leopard Sweater. Retails for $89.50. I actually sized up to a Medium in this sweater. This one has more of a sweatshirt style. I will say I believe it does run small and pretty cropped. I would prefer to wear high-waited denim with this one. The print of the leopard is actually my favorite on this one. Of course the quality is amazing and It will be a sweater that will last forever in your closet. The only thing is that doesn’t sit right with me with this sweater is the fit. If it was a little longer I think it would be the winner.

2. Goodnight Macaroon. Retails for $69. This is a One Size Fits all. This is actually the first item I have ever purchased from Goodnight Macaroon. I really enjoy this sweater. I love the blouson sleeves and the oversized fit. I actually will be able to wear this one with leggings which is a huge positive to me! The one thing that I am not sure about is the fact that it is one size fits all. It is definitely oversized on me and I typically wear a small. I also have to say if you have ANY sensitivity to itch…this might bother you. It does not bother me and I am semi-sensitive to itch but if you are hyper sensitive just keep that in mind!

3. Target. Retails for $19.99. I am wearing a small in this one. This is clearly the budget buy but I have to say the quality doesn’t disappoint! It is great quality for the price. The fit is a perfectly fitted crewneck sweater. The print is a good neutral. I would like the leopard spots slightly bigger but overall for me the budget buy wins! I absolutely love this sweater and for the price I just have to say this one is my favorite!!!

So below I have styled the Target Leopard Sweater 3 ways for you! I hope you enjoy!




Hope you all enjoyed this post!




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