Trends From So Last Year | Pieces To Clean Out From Your Closet!

Hey Everyone!!

Let’s continue the week of decluttering!!! First for Wednesday’s video, I have an Empties that went live on my channel!!! Make sure to check it out and subscribe if you are not!

Today’s post we are talking about easy things to pitch from your closet. We all know trends come and go and today I am sharing with you items that were total trends I bought…well way too much of! Decluttering this out of my closet feels so good! NOW I am going to start by saying…some of these items you might love, cherish and wear daily. For me, these things were a trend that I bought way too much of and I want to eliminate out of my closet. Actually, I might keep one of some of these items…but really I don’t need 10 right? haha So here we go!!!!

  1. Statement Necklaces. OOhhhh the Statement Necklace. This is one where I am actually keeping 2 of them. I have a pearl and a rhinestone statement necklace that I just love..but really I think I had like 20. I don’t wear them anymore. I don’t need them and they take up so much space in my closet! Time to go…BYE BYE!
  2. Scarves. Apparently I was really into accessories for awhile because I have a million scarves. I never wear scarves…like ever. I will of course keep a couple and I definitely wear and will keep some of my cold weather scarves. I am talking about those fashion scarves that you know you have in your closet and never wear because we thought OH this will make my outfit look so much better. YUP time to go!!!
  3. Lace-Up Flats. Remember these? Yeah I bought quite a few. Luckily I never really invested in expensive ones…but I had a ton in every color. They were cute…but you know what..they take a lot of time to get on the feet hahaha. I am completely eliminating these out of my closet because well I never wear them anymore!
  4. Maxi Dresses. This one might hit a nerve with some of you because you might still wear and love these! I personally had SO MANY but I never wear them anymore. I have kept a basic black one that I featured in YESTERDAYS POST.
  5. Cold-Shoulder Tops. We knew this was a trend and I think the trend is saying goodbye. I actually completely eliminated these out of my closet. They were definitely cute but definitely a trendy piece.
  6. Slouchy Tall Boot. Eek. This might hit a nerve as well. Personally the slouchy tall boot…isn’t my cup of tea. Did I own them? YES. Do I wear them now? Haven’t in a couple years. Its definitely time to pass these along. To be honest, I think the thigh-high boot will be the next to go.
  7. Shredded Denim. AH Another one that you totally might disagree with to pitch from your closet. The extreme shredded denim is just not my thing anymore. I still love a good distressed denim don’t get me wrong…but the extreme shreds…I just have to say goodbye.

So those are all the TRENDS from last year to pitch from your closet! I hope this helped your clean out your closet. If you haven’t seen my Clean Out Your Closet Video…Make sure to check it out as it has SO MANY more helpful tips to clean out and declutter your closet!!!

Happy Decluttering!




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