9 Pieces, 9 Outfits

Hey Everyone!

Another post for inspiration today!!! I am really loving sharing these posts with you this week and I hope you are loving them as well! Today I decided to try out the very famous 10 X 10 Challenge except one less haha. If you haven’t heard of this challenge basically you pick 10 or in my case 9 pieces of clothing and style 9 different outfits!!

This is a great way to change up your wardrobe and challenge yourself to wear pieces in different ways! I found this was super fun and challenging and really made me think out of the box with layers and how I wear and style my outfits! I definitely suggest just for fun trying this with your closet! You can create new outfits you never thought of before while getting great use out of your clothing!!

The 9 pieces I chose are perfect basics but also great layering pieces with interest! I picked out 3 tops, 2 bottoms, a jacket and 3 pairs of shoes. SO here we go here are my 9 outfits from my 9 pieces I chose!

Sweater/Striped Tee/Plaid/Jacket/Skirt/Jeans/Leopard Mules/Leather Mules/Black Booties






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