5 Fall Nail Colors


Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

Today I thought it would be fun to share a couple nail polish picks for this fall!!! I have to say some of these are year after year favorites that I always reach for…actually most of them are!! I never ever go get my nails done…I always do them at home! Its kind of therapeutic for me to sit at night after the kids go to bed and paint my nails 🙂 Im horrible at painting them but whatever I love these colors!!

I have my favorite gray, burgundy, black, deep purple, and literally my favorite fall polish of ALL TIME! My favorite gray is called Take It Outside. It has a purple-hue to it which I love but still a good gray! My favorite burgundy is called Recessionista and I get compliments everytime I wear this polish! The best deep purple is a cult favorite called Lincoln Park After Dark and it almost a black its so deep. The best black polish (and I’ve tried quite a few) is this one called Like It Loud. Its the best because it is the LONGEST lasting and never chips on me! It just wears down eventually which is huge because I hate chipped black polish…its so noticeable!! Lastly, my favorite fall polish of all time is called Germani-cure. It is a beautiful orangey purple color with a metallicy finish. Everytime I wear this I think fall 🙂

What are your go-to polishes for fall!? Let me know!!!

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