Currently Craving~ Heeled Mules

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

You Guys, we are almost to the weekend!! PHEW this has been a long week. I never state this on the internet because…idk creepos…but my husband was actually out of town and I was here with the kiddos alone for the beginning of the week (and I managed to get all the blog posts up I wanted WOOO…sorry I had to toot my own horn on that one hehe!) So the fact that it is Thursday makes me SMILE!

Today I wanted to get up another Currently Craving! I did this a couple weeks ago with all things yellow. I have just seen so many cute trends lately and it is fun to gather a bunch of them and share with you guys…because obviously I can’t buy ALL the things especially if they are similar BUT these are some super cute heeled mules! You all know I LOVE the mule slide trend and lately I have seen heeled mules…what I used to call clogs haha. I literally wore this type of shoe everyday in middle school and even in high school. I lived for a chunky heeled mule haha

Anyways, I gathered up my favorites for you that I have seen at various prices points!!! Hope you enjoy!




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