Everyday Makeup: Simplify Your Life

Hey Everyone!!!
So I have shared recently how lately I have truly been trying to live a simpler and more organized life. Doing Youtube and beauty content for years, I have so much makeup. Its too much for me to actually use. It kind of grosses me out the amount of makeup people have nowadays. Therefore I recently picked up this little makeup storage to keep my everyday makeup in. I am making it appoint to use things up and keep things easy for myself. I want my makeup in front of me to use so I can easily grab it and slap it on my face…because these days my makeup can take no more than 10 minutes if that! I also want to make sure that I am using things and enjoying the makeup I have 🙂

Link To Amazon Drawers HERE
If you would like to see a tutorial on how I apply my everyday makeup I would absolutely love to share! 
So come see what I have been using lately and what Im trying to use up! 
Thanks so much for visiting!

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