Hey Everyone!!
Today I wanted to share a couple accessories that I have incorporated into my daily wear! I absolutely LOVE these pieces and know you all will LOVE them too!

First the Beverly Marble Watch, it a timeless classic piece!! It has a light grey leather band with rose gold hardware and a marble face. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this watch and I feel like it goes very well with anything I wear. It is a statement piece without being too in your face as well! The piece really speaks for itself. I love how it dresses up even the basic of outfits as I was wearing my distressed jeans and chunky sweater. 

Next, we have a pair of sunglasses that are SO adorable, amazing quality, and surprisingly affordable! These are called the Backstage sunglasses. They also come in white! They actually look very similar to the very popular and crazy expensive Gucci sunglasses. I actually prefer these as they are super flattering, very oversized but again amazing quality!!


For the very exciting part, I have a discount code for you all!!! I have to say I love when bloggers have discount codes and I frequently use them all the time haha! So when I was able to get a discount code on these amazing sunglasses and watch I was SUPER excited!! So if you would like $15 off your next purchase with MVMT use code 'absolutelyairs15'