Happy Tuesday Everyone!!
Ever since having Rory, I feel like I don't chat up about motherhood as much. As much as I love clothes and makeup and all the fluff in life....my kids are my everything. So today I thought I would chat it up about Miss Rory and the fact that....HOW is she 8 months already!? Like WHOA. I mean it felt fast with Eli growing....but Rory being the second...its just too too fast! 

First I wanted to chat a little bit about one of our FAVORITE company's Little Spoon. We have been using Little Spoon for a little awhile now. I first tried it with Rory about 5-6 months and then again now. I have to say the company is amazing. If you want QUALITY nutrition right at your doorstep Little Spoon is exceptional. They offer a blueprint service to allow you to customize your child's meal plan delivered right to your doorstep! They  provide quality nutrition during the first 1000 days of a child's life because it is vital to build proper cognitive development. 

NOW this might be a little TMI but...MOM LIFE...Rory had been constipated for about 3 weeks. We gave her prunes...even a little water. Just praying she would poop!! I got her Little Spoon delivery and immediately started giving her the food. Literally that day she pooped!!! haha We were so excited and let me tell you SHE LOVESSS the food! Everything she has tried she absolutely loves! I have to say they are definitely blends that I would NEVER think to put together and she loves them!
Little Spoon offer baby blends that are made from over 80+ organic, locally sourced ingredients. 

Moving along with Rory, she is still not sleeping through the night. We have had quite trouble with her sleeping. We have tried maybe every method and she is just very resistant. I have to say SHE DOES stay on a schedule. I believe having a schedule really does help her. She naps at most an hour at a time. Most of the time we get maybe 30 minutes each nap and she naps 2-3 times in the day. Sooooo that is rough. She still also is NOT sleeping through the night. She usually just wakes once to feed and goes right back down. So it isn't too bad!

She is crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling herself up on EVERYTHING! She is super super active! I think she tries so hard to keep up with Eli because.....Eli is her FAVORITE! She just loves her big brother so much!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this little update on my little Rory!!!