Hey Everyone!!!

Today I have a super fun collaboration with something I KNOW you want to hear about!! We are talking a Mom's favorite pastime...WINE. Without it, how could we survive!? haha This is the perfect time of year to enjoy a glass of wine with grilling season underway!! 

Today I am talking about a company called Winc which is an amazing Wine Club with super delicious wines! Basically after entering the site, you can take an initial quiz that helps pick the perfect wines for you. Now these wines are just suggestions for your specific palate. The best part about this membership is YOU get to pick out your bottles of wine. Each month 4 bottles of wine will be delivered to your doorstep that YOU pick! How amazing is that!? I have to say I'M A FAN!

This is absolutely perfect for summer. Bring a glass of wine to your next patio party or outdoor BBQ. Winc is a great compliment to your summer events!!

What's even better...I HAVE A DISCOUNT code for you!! Use code "absolutelyairs" for $22 off your first month! Head over to www.trywinc.com/absolutelyairs now to get your #drinkwinc ON!