Hey Everyone!!

So I have really been working hard at getting back into a good fitness regimen. I have always been pretty active but I thought today would be fun to share some tips for staying motivated. You might got over the "ugh I need to start working out" hump but how do you continually stay motivated?

It isn't easy. Some days...especially when my babies don't sleep I find its hard and I can find myself making excuses. SO I thought I would share with you how I talk myself into working out and staying motivated!!

1. Make A Plan. Recently I have been doing BBG. This is easy because it kind of gives you a plan of what to do daily. I of course have tweaked it to my liking. I have found even over the years that if I make a weekly plan of what I need to get in for my workouts...it makes it easier to get in! Its almost like meal-planning but workout planning! Each day you have something to get done...so get it done!

2. Be Flexible With Your Plan. Make sure when you plan out your week...leave some flexibility in it. I know from experience (especially from marathon training) you have to leave the ability to change your plans otherwise you will miss your workout altogether. For example, it may rain on a run day...well make it a leg day. Or take the day off but make sure you switch that run day to another day. I know sometimes especially with my kids sleep habits, I have to change some stuff around. If I have a day where the sleep is just not happening...I don't want to force my body to do something it just cant...but then I know I have to get it in later that week. 

3. Look At Your Progress. If you're goal is to lose weight and you've lost 3....keep your eye on the prize. You've already gone that far...so just keep going! YOU GOT THIS!!

4.  Last Tip is Have a Friend Help keep you on track!! So when I started BBG my sister actually decided to start the week after me!! So we have been really helping each other keep on track! Its been fun to talk about it with her and see how things are going for her! I think even at first we checked in daily on if we worked out or not!! :) Find a workout buddy...You don't need to workout with them...just a friend to keep you motivated and going!!

I hope these helped in your fitness journey!!