Hey Everyone!!

Today I am sharing with you my favorite and most used Pale Pink/Whitish Nail Picks. I always grab these when we enter summer and spring. Well really I love these colors all year round but these are pretty much only on my nails through the spring/summer! 

I never get my nails done. I do them by myself.....never great looking but I have to say its cheaper and I actually like doing them as its a relaxing thing to do :) So here is what we have:

1. Julep Satin Focus Finish in Erin. Well LA Tee DA....I think the nailpolish was made for me!! hehehe A perfect nude/pale pink. I love that this one has a slight beige tone to it! Its beautiful with a tan!
2. Essie Private Weekend. This one is a pure white with a little bit of splash of glitter in there. You really don't even see the glitter on your nails but I really like that it is in there because whenever you use a glitter polish it tends to last longer. With white polishes I always notice it chipping quicker. So since there is a little glitter in the white polish I notice it lasts quite a bit longer!

3. Essie Gel Couture in Pre-Show Jitters. This is probably my most used. I absolutely love the formula of the Gel Couture line. I love the brush. It lasts on my nails the longest of any polish. This color is super opaque too!! Its the perfect pale pale pink that it is almost white. Its a winner!!

4. Essie Gel Couture in Matter Of Fiction. As stated above, I love the formula. The color is a little more pink but still a beautiful pale pink color!

5. Essie in Romper Room. I absolutely love this polish! Its a beautiful pink color. This one is very similar to Matter of Fiction. I think this one might even be a little more opaque.

6. Victoria Beckham in Bamboo White. Unfortunately I think this one is discontinued? It makes me so sad BUT I had to mention it because I LOVE IT! I love the formula of it but I think if I were to be getting married again I would wear this on my wedding day. Its just the most beautiful pale white/pink color!!

Those are my top picks!!! Make sure to share your favorite pale pink/white nailpolish picks too!!!

Have a great day!