Hey Everyone!!!

So SURPRISE! I said on Stories yesterday that Rory's Nursery Reveal wouldn't be live until Wednesday and I actually decided to post it today instead! 

Sooooo I am a little late on this. I actually had a couple things I didn't finish until now. I KNOW so bad. When we had Rory, I had NO IDEA what we were naming her until a day or so after she was born. With Eli, I knew his name before I even met him. With Rory, it took awhile to come up with Rory.

Anyways, with both of my kiddos I always go for very simple bedrooms. I didn't go crazy with a bunch of things on the walls. I didn't get to foo foo with stuff. I like it to be really simple so the kids can go with their rooms and we can change it up often. 

PS. I have been working on updating Eli's room to more of a "big boy" room.  Maybe I can update you on that later.

Anyways, with Rory having a girl had NEVER been part of my thought process. SO I HAD to use pink in the room. But I didn't want to go overload with pink. I also wanted it to be functional yet sweet. I also thought maybe these could be pieces that I can interchange and put in our home in general (IE the rocker, lamp and mirror especially)

We had no gold in our house so I thought it would be cute to add some touches of a brassy matte gold. I wanted the touches of pink and gold throughout the room. I obviously went with white furniture (this is Eli's crib) and an old dress we painted and put these pulls on from Amazon.

This chair is absolutely amazing! It is so comfortable to sit in and bonus it reclines!!! A recliner that isn't ugly! Its the best! We also reused a couple of things from Eli's nursery. 

Hope you all enjoy! I tried to link everything I could below!