Hey Everyone!!

Today I am so excited to share with you all a beauty product I think all of us tired gals can benefit from. This post is in collaboration with VII code. 

I shared recently we have been officially going through the 4 month old sleep regression with Rory. It has been brutal! We just want sleep! She has been up probably every couple hours throughout the night. We finally have been getting her on a new schedule (if you would like to see the new schedule just let me know) and I am praying it works.

Sleepless nights for me...mean my eyes are my problem area. I literally look SO tired all the time. Lately, to combat that I have been using the O2M Oxygen Eye Masks. GAME CHANGER! No more tired eyes even though I am exhausted. I can finally look well rested even without the sleep! 

I have never tried an overnight eye mask before but guys, this is what you need! I absolutely LOVE wearing this. You wear it for 8 hours overnight or you can wear it in the daytime for 2-3 hours (I wouldn't go over the 8 hour mark). Sometimes I will do less than 8 hours and I still see the same results. You all know I talk about so many of those under eye patches that you slap on for 10 minutes or so and peel off.....but the VII Code overnight eye masks...are the best with the best results. Hands Down. 

The product is full of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, peptides and SO MUCH more. It has a gel-like consistency that feeling amazingly hydrating and cooling to the undereye area. It literally is the most amazing feeling especially when the sleep is NOT happening!

So while the sleep regression is hitting me hard, I can rest assure that I can still look my best even when I might not feel my best!! 

I highly suggest grabbing the VII Code Overnight Eye Masks!!

Thanks for stopping by!!