Hey Everyone!!!

AH I am so excited to be sharing this review today. Let me tell you...I knew pretty much nothing about this brand. Of course I had heard about it. I heard the buzz that is was popular. I had no idea what the brand stood for...I just knew that the packaging was cute :)

After hearing a couple people talk about it that I love and trust, I was super excited to try out their "Littles" which is deluxe size samples of 8 of their products. I will start right here by saying if you are interested in trying Drunk Elephant and have NO idea where to start....this is where you start. Grab the Littles...especially during the Sephora VIB Sale which is coming up April 20th (Rouge Members sale opens up on the 13th). Now I am not going to sit here and teach you about what this skincare line stands for and what ingredients they do and don't use. There are many more people include Tiffany Masterson herself that can explain much much better than I can. 

On this post here today, I am quickly going to share with you my TOP 3 Products. If you want more of my opinions on the products from the Littles that I have tried out watch my current review video linked below! No in no particular order...Here are my top 3 picks:

1. C-Firma Day Serum. Maybe its because my skin has never tried a Vitamin C Serum...But LOVE at first use. I saw results with my skin within a week. I saw spots disappearing, my skin more even and brighter. It was amazing. I was seriously in shock. Makes me wonder if my skin was craving the Vitamin C or if this serum is just magical. I really wish I had before and after photos. I will say this serum is a little thicker and tackier. I personally use it in the day time but I use very little at a time. I do not pile the serum on. I also work fast with it. It dries and sinks into the skin very quickly!

2. B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel. This little gem is how I get through my day with makeup on. I seriously think this could be the stand out product for me above all else. AH thats a lot to say because I really love the line but B-Hydra is an amazing product. It is not a moisturizer but a hydration boost. Usually I see these kind of products and they don't do anything for me. THIS however is like and they describe it as "a glass of water for your skin" AGREED. I also use this in the day time along with the C-Firma. 

3. T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. Funny as it is, I didn't care for this product the first use. I didn't see much difference in my skin. BUT after 3 nights of use....it was as if my skin was like ok we will stop being stubborn. My texture was gone. My redness was calmed. ItlrighAmade my skin so even by morning. I have used so so so many glycolic acid treatments but I have to say this one is bomb!

So make sure to check out my full review on this video below. I absolutely LOVE Drunk Elephant and these products have completely become staples in my skincare routine. I am definitely #drunkinlove