Happy Tuesday!!

Phew. This post is much needed after a crazy busy weekend. I feel like the weekends just fly by!!

So today I wanted to share with you all some things I have learned with having 2 kids. Of course having your first child is the biggest change. You go from caring pretty much for yourself to caring for yourself to someone solely depending on you for everything. Then you add another and well its a whole other ball game. Of course having Rory I was much more confident in motherhood. I understand what it takes on the daily to be a mom but there are definitely some things I had to learn and well I am still learning with having 2 kids. So here we go:

1. Its Ok To Let Things Go. Alright I admit I have a tough time with this. I want things perfect and orderly. I truly have a tough time with letting things go. I want the house clean, I want my kids to stay in routine. With 2 kids especially, routine is all over the place. Mess sometimes can be ok. This is my hardest lesson and I am still learning it. Just let it go....don't get your panties in a bunch because something goes wrong...because it will.

2. Patience is Everything. With 2 kids....your patience is tested every single day. Multiple times a day. It is really hard not to lose it sometimes when everyone is screaming...there is poop and spit up everywhere...it is a lot. BUT I find if I take deep breathes...slow things down....Patience comes to be easier.

3. You thought you had no time with one kid.....wrong. I thought my hands were full with Eli when I had him. They were full but then you add another. Oh boy. Its a balancing act all day long. I sometimes feel like I am the master at multi-tasking. Some days I am super mom and can balance it all. Sometimes sh*t hits the floor and its all about survival! I wouldn't change it for the world though.

4. Take Time For Yourself...even if its a little bit. This one many many mamas say. Its honestly really hard to do. You have to actually TRY to make time for yourself. It doesn't naturally come like it used to. I find if I take a little time for myself here and there, I am a better mom to my kids. I have been working out again lately. I find that when I take that time, I can be a better mom that day. My head is clearer. I am more focused on them!

5. Slow down. This one can kind of go with your building your patience and this is one I am still learning. Slow down. Not everything needs to be done. Leave the dirty dishes...leave the laundry to be folded later..... get off Instagram...I try really hard to tell myself these things everyday. Be present with my kids..because one day I will be crying saying how did my babies grow so big.


Yes that one picture is Rory legit spitting up all over my hand....Yup Mom Life friends. I am so grateful for these little ones. My husband and I literally say every day how we couldn't imagine our life without Eli and Rory. They are everything to us and I hope and pray we are doing well as parents!! :)

I also quickly wanted to share my necklace from Hollamama. It is the heart necklace with small little stars 2 for my kiddos and one larger star for my husband. I wear my heart around my neck literally hehe. 

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Thanks so much for supporting and reading!