Hey Everyone!!!
It has been a hot minute since I have updated you on my fitness/wellness life. My fitness routine had been staying the same. To be honest, I was just doing the elliptical and running outside when it wasnt too frigid on the daily. It wasn't much variation from that. I actually have not seen much results from this. Rory really did a number to my bod....haha This second time around has been much tougher to get back into shape. 

SO I knew I needed to change it up. Everyone is talking about the BBG workouts...its everywhere. I have also seen the results from others and said...thats what I need to do. NOW I had NO idea what these workouts were. I just heard people talking about it. 

SO I recently downloaded the app to start a free week trial. Last week was my free trial. I started my first workout last Monday. I have to say...I did it all wrong. I had no idea what the make up of the workout was. 

SO if you are clueless like me I will give you a heads up: Basically it consists of 3 days of circuit resistance workouts and 3 days of cardio (and one day of active rest). The circuit resistance workouts are composed of Full Body, Arms & Abs, and Legs. Each of these workouts have 2 circuits of 4 different exercises with whatever amount of reps per exercise......

You with me?

Basically you do each circuit for 7 minutes. You try to get as many laps (or rotations of the 4 exercises) as you can do within the 7 minutes. After you do each circuit, you repeat it one more time. So you are doing 2 circuits, 2 times for 7 minutes each making the workout only 28 minutes. 

The other 3 days are cardio such as walking, elliptical, running, swimming or whatever cardio you would like. 

SOOOOOO My thoughts....being a physical education and health major.... These workouts are intense. They are definitely workouts that work. It is all about mixing up your workouts weekly and toning yet isolating your muscles fast while burning fat. It really is a good way to workout!

Ok so here are the PROS: They are only 28-40 minutes. You can easily do them at home. They require minimal equipment. You can easily adapt to what your level of fitness is to make it more intense or less intense. Either way it will still be challenging!

Here are the CONS: You have to be a self-motivator. If you aren't super motivated and focused on your health, you will fall off the bandwagon with these. If you aren't motivated or are the type of person who needs someone to kick you in the butt, this is not for you. You can tend to go to hard too fast which can burn you out of the workouts fast. Lastly, you have to pay...to workout. I am a person who DOES not pay to workout. I can easily make up my own workouts or just simply go for runs and not pay the money.

SO Am I doing BBG? Yes and No.

I have actually downloaded the entire 12 week program and I am actually incorporating the workouts into my regular routine. I already do a lot of cardio. Cardio is my choice of exercise. I actually love running and could run everyday if I had the time and the weather cooperated but I like incorporating more resistance workouts to really build muscle. After 2 babies and just getting older...my muscles are sad and need some help. Therefore I am actually doing the workouts but NOT twice through. I am doing each circuit from each day one time through...but then adding in cardio on top of that. Because again, I am a cardio freak. So I am doing one day of Full Body, one day of Arms & Abs, one day of Legs but only one time through the 2 circuits provided (making my workout 14 minutes and then plus my cardio)

So that is what I am doing for now. So far I am absolutely loving it. I know that I won't get burnt out of this. I am the type of person when I have something in my head I need to do...I do it. I am pretty self-motivating that way. I put a lot of pressure on myself with these types of things. I am also very competitive. So as I do these workouts, I realllllly push myself. 2 Laps per circuit just doesn't cut it for me....I push my body to the max each workout...WHICH you should do! That is the point! I really like the competitive side of it which is why I think this will work for me.

I hope you all enjoyed my thoughts on BBG. Let me know if you have any questions!