Hey Everyone!!!

I am really excited to share with you all what I use for self-tanner today. It TIS the season for self-tanner! Every year March hits and I am ready to begin my self-tanner game. BUT here is the deal, I HATE self-tanning. I am not the best at self-tanning either. The good news is that I have tried a lot and I have found some great ones that you don't need to be an expert at applying to get a great self-tan!

Ok I know what you are thinking, this post is sponsored by Jergens. Actually it is not. They did send me these products about a year ago and I've actually repurchased this all!! But lets start with the St. Tropez bronzing mousse. 

I absolutely love the St. Tropez bronzing mousse. I actually prefer their 2-hour express tan but I am currently just using their original bronzing mousse! Either one creates a beautiful color on the skin. It gives an olivey tan that isn't too orange or red. Everytime I apply this, it never streaks. I ALWAYS apply with a tanning mitt. I make sure my skin is exfoliated and clean as well. 

What I have also been loving is the entire Jergens tanning line. I am sure you have heard of their gradual tan lotion but I have to say their actual self-tanning line is AMAZING! The entire system from their Color Primer, Bronzing Mousse, and their Tan Extender (lotion). The combination of these 3 have really great results and I find this system keeps my tan lasting a lot longer than the St. Tropez. The Color Primer is the best exfoliator. It has a slight tanning tinge to it and the beads exfoliate so nicely!! The Bronzing mousse applies very very similarly to St. Tropez. The Tan extender is a perfect moisturizer that really helps to seal your tan in for at least 2 weeks!! 

Lastly, I have to mention probably my favorite discovery of last year is this Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with the Natural Glow. I always grab the Medium to Tan because it gives the most beautiful natural color on your skin!! This is the best friend to the lazy girl tan! You literally just slap this on your body right out of the shower when your skin is still wet....pat dry...and you have an instant tan! Its not streaky and applies evenly. I would say I can't use this in the dead of summer when I have a tan. I usually like to use this now until my skin gets color from summer time. Its the absolute best!!! Make sure to get the Medium to Tan though even if your super fair!! (Medium to Deep skintones would probably not benefit from this product)

Self-tanning doesn't have to be hard my friends! These products make it easy!! I hope this post was helpful! 

Thanks for stopping by!