Hello Everyone!!!

Finally I am sharing an updated Hair Tutorial!!! I wanted to show you how I do my everyday curls and share a quick bit on my hair care routine!!!

I hope you find this helpful and let me know of course if you have any questions!!!

So first and foremost, I only wash my hair maybe twice a week. I like to get longevity out of my hair because I have pretty thick, coarse naturally frizzy hair. My hair just doesn't need to be washed everyday. I do find that the products I use help to keep my hair going through the week. I find my hair is healthier now that I wash less!

When I need a little love to my hair throughout the year, I always use a little dry shampoo. THIS dry shampoo I have used for years now. This is the only dry shampoo that ACTUALLY leaves my hair clean and refreshed. Its the best of the best!

I started using this hair oil last year and I haven't gone back. It leaves my hair looking so shiny and healthy! I absolutely love it!

When I wash, I wash with THIS Shampoo and THIS conditioner. It makes my hair feel amazing! It feels clean and not stripped. It really does give me the Perfect Hair Day!! Here is also the curling iron I use HERE

Let me know your favorite hair products and again let me know if you have any questions about my hair!