Hey Everyone!!

Today I have some fun tips for your makeup routine this spring!! Whenever spring time comes, my skin has gone through the ringer. I LOVE getting that fresh faced feeling in spring. I always like an easy neutral look but its fun to lighten things up and change up the routine a little. So here are a couple things to change it up!

1. Keep It Light. After wearing heavier makeup in the winter, let your skin breathe!! Wear a tinted moisturizer instead of a heavy foundation. My favorite tinted moisturizer (that actually hydrates) is THIS ONE. Keep it simple with a wash of shimmer on the lids instead of a lot of shadow.  HERE is the perfect palette to do so.Keep your brows light and fluffy by just adding some tinted brow gel. My favorite lately has been THIS ONE.

2. Glowy. By the time spring comes around, my skin is dry and dull and lifeless. I believe giving a little fake glow can help you feel like you have life by into your skin. Using a glowy primer, a subtle highlight, a glow powder or dewy foundation can help make your skin look plump and healthy even when its not.

3. Focus on your base. Going off of the last two tips....I believe it is SO SO important to focus on your skincare. After loving and sharing makeup for the past 5 plus years on youtube and here on my blog, I came to realize about 2 years ago that it is not about the makeup...its actually about the skincare. Keeping your skin hydrated, using good skincare products help everything to look a lot better. Spring I believe it the time to get your skin fully prepped and ready for summer. In summer I usually go makeupless a lot of days and I believe spring it the perfect time to start a good skincare regimen!

4. A Little Color Is Good. This is also the time to add a little color! The drab dark cold winter is past us now. Spring is the time for blooms and sunshine! I love to add a little color to my routine. NOW when I mean color, I MEAN...neutral color hahaha. I am NOT a color girl! Ive always been into neutrals.....BUT by adding light pinks, peachy tones, a little glowy bronzer, or even a little coral can completely change your makeup game ;)

5. Make It Last. Prime and Set. This is a good time to switch up your primer and set powders. Again find a good glowy primer. Put away the heavy matte setting powders and switch it up with something a little lighter. It is always good to prime and set the skin to make your makeup last all day. I always love switching up my primer and setting powders this time of year!

Thanks so much for visiting!!