Hey Everyone!!!
So I thought today's post was fitting for weather. One day its 50 and we are at the park and the next day there is snow on the ground...I mean really. The winter to spring transition for me is the hardest. Its really hard to know how to dress as well!!

I have 5 pieces I think that are essential during this transitional time. These pieces make you feel spring YET keep you warm when you know...it snows :(

1. Thermal Henleys. The one I am wearing in this picture is the perfect thermal! I absolutely love it! Its thick and warm but yet its not too heavy like a sweater. There are so many great ones but there to pair with anything! They are a great piece for this transition and for layering in general!

2. White Denim. Nothing screams I am done with winter better than a pair of white denim! I recently picked up THESE and I absolutely love them! They are the perfect fit. White denim can be tough to find but when you find a good one..throw them on especially now when you can't wear shorts or dresses yet but you want to wear lighter clothing. 

3. Denim Jacket. I recently picked up THIS one. A denim jacket is a give in. You can't do spring without it! It is the ultimate layering piece. Its great for the transition as you can throw it over a sweater or henley or really anything! 

4. Vests. Ok I love this denim vest that I am wearing BUT any kind of vest is a great transitional layering piece. You can easily throw a coat over it but yet it keeps you warm when you take that coat off without the bulk. Definitely suggest grabbing any kind of cute vests!

5. Mules. Ok this one you can't do in snow. BUT Mules are a great transitional shoe. They aren't your bootie that you had been wearing all winter and they aren't your sandal you will be wearing all summer. It is a great inbetween shoe. and let's face it we all know I am obsessed with mules!!

What are your transitional pieces!? I think these pieces make this awful transition a little better :)

Have a great day!