Hey Everyone!!

So today I have a fun post to share....and really this was so much fun to shoot with Eli ;) haha. 

We are sharing Eli's bedtime routine! Eli will be 3 here next month and I am always interested in hearing bedtime routines with their kiddos! I am actually pretty strict with Eli's schedule altogether. I don't stray from his schedule very often because he lovesss his schedule. He is a very scheduled kid and when things are different...he usually doesn't do well with the change.....which is nice but can be a bad thing. Obviously we do stray from the routine every once in awhile because....ya know life. BUT for the most part this is his routine!

 7:30 Tubby Time. We head upstairs. Now during the winter we actually only tubby every other night. Eli has really dry skin in the winter and he doesn't really sweat so we let him go every other night and sometimes we do every night. Depends on the day :)

7:50 PJ Time. We let Eli decide what PJS he wants to wear. We change his diaper and get him into his PJS. We aren't quite potty trained yet. We have introduced it quite a lot but he is just not ready yet so I am not forcing it. 

7:55pm We allow him to have a little milk before bed. We used to give him an entire glass but we have been cutting down on that as we have had a problem with wetting the bed quite a lot. He likes to just have a little before bed though. 

8:00pm Brush Teeth. We always ALL go into the bathroom to brush our teeth. He never fights us on brushing his teeth which is great! He has to have an audience I guess though since we are all required as a family (even Rory) to be in the bathroom brushing teeth. We always allow him to brush his own teeth and then we "check" to make sure they are sparkly white :)

8:05pm Story Time. If Jude is home from work, we have him pick out a book for each of us to read to him. We read to him in his bed and snuggle. Its my favorite part of the day! I absolutely love snuggling and reading him stories. So if Jude my husband is home, he reads a story first and then he leaves the room and I read a story to him alone. After we read, I usually sing him a couple songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC's hehe. He sometimes sings them with me too! ;)

8:10pm Kisses and lights out! We don't keep a nightlight in his room but we do have a sound machine going through the night. I am glad we have always had a sound machine because now at night we have Rory who is not the quietest of little girls especially in the middle of the night. 

Eli's Pjs/Quilt/Bed

Eli usually wakes up around 7am! He is a really good sleeper. We struggled with sleep when he was a little baby but now he is a rockstar sleeper and even a great napper!!!

So that is our routine!! I hope you enjoyed! Share with me your toddler bedtime routine!!! I would love to hear what you all do with your little ones! Thanks for reading!