Hello Everyone!!

Today Rory is 3 months! I can't believe she is already 3 months!! I feel like 3 months is a huge milestone. They start to leave the newborn stage and enter infant stage. It is so sad she is already SO BIG! 
She absolutely LOVES her brother. Her eyes follow him wherever he goes. Whenever she hears him, she just gets so excited! She also loves loves loves playing on her playmat. We have the Kick N Play Piano mat and she goes wild!!! Its so cute!
We still have yet to sleep totally through the night. Although she has made it all the way to 5am twice!....which I call a win! She is actually a pretty good sleeper though so I really can't complain. The second time around the "not" sleeping through the night...isn't as hard? Maybe I have a good baby, but really I find it easier with nightly feedings with her. It doesn't really bother me. Usually she gets up once...every once in awhile she will get up twice to feed. 
She is sleeping in her crib but I have yet to get her down for long naps in her crib. We have tried but she fights them really badly. She prefers napping in her rock n play or just wherever we drag her. I'd really like to get her napping in her crib asap here. 

My Top/My Jeans/Rory Top/Rory Bow/Rory Leggings/Rory Booties

She is SUCH a happy baby as well. I will smile and her and she just is SO smiley right back. She smiles all the time and it melts my heart! 

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