We made it! We made it through another week my friends. So today I don't have a Friday Finds, because honestly I didn't find much this week!!! 

I have however ordered a couple things to start the completion of my Spring Wishlist. If you saw yesterday's post, I have made a list of things that I feel I need in my closet for Spring! I have some great staples I need and I'm so excited to slowly grab them! I will most likely do an upcoming haul on my channel to show some spring pieces I am grabbing. 

I wanted to share today this adorable dress that I picked up a little bit ago. I shared this in a recent try-on clothing haul! It is super cute and perfect for the transition from winter to spring. 

As you can see, theres a ton of snow on the ground but in the Chicagoland forecast...I SEE 50s. Can I get some Jesus Hands over hereeee haha

But really I am super excited about some warmer weather because we are definitely going stir crazy in this house. Its so hard to get the kids out of the house. I love warmer weather because I can just pop them in the stroller or walk quickly right over to the park. I can NOT wait!!!

I HAVE to talk about these sunglasses too! So they are NOT the Celine sunglasses. I have lusted over the Celine sunglasses SO SO long. I love the shape of them and how they are oversized but NOT TOO oversized. The shape really is what is very flattering to my head shape. Anyways, I just can't justify (nor could I ever justify) spending that much on sunglasses. A bag, yes...a great pair of boots...yes....Sunglasses? No. I tend to break sunglasses...lose them...scratch them...bend them...I am not just gentle with sunglasses. SO anyways I FOUND THESE on amazon! They are SO SO SO similar and they are only $10!!! Thats right my friends 10 BUCKS. They also come in black and a matte black. Im debating on getting all of them because again...I love the shape of them so much!!

Anyways, I hope you have a GREAT weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by!